6 Best Apps for Field Sales Reps

August 18, 2022

Modern sellers behave almost nothing like their predecessors. They have new tools, techniques, and resources at their disposal. With these advances also come new challenges. Sales processes have moved from pencils, ledgers, and enormous briefcases to what could be identified as a digital assistant in your pocket. Technology hasn't only streamlined processes for field sales reps through the use of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software but also opened the door for a host of other digital tools to assist them throughout their day. Here are some of our field sales teams' favorite apps they use throughout their day.


Task Management/Organization


Maintaining good organization is critical for the success of field sales reps. Trello takes organization to the next level. This mobile-friendly, list-making app lets you keep track of everything in one central location. Trello is easy to use and completely customizable, so you aren't forced to the constraints of predetermined options. Visual "boards" can be named whatever you choose with customizable task descriptions, assignees, due dates, and have the capability to be shared with teammates. Tasks can easily be moved around in a drag-and-drop fashion. It even includes an AI-powered "butler" that can help automate certain workflows.


Asana offers a wide range of task management features to help field sales reps stay organized and get things done efficiently. Task management tools allow you to create lists or boards that can be broken down into tasks and subtasks that list the steps to completion. Customizable, reusable templates are big time savers when you have repeatable tasks. The option to add task dependencies to specify certain tasks that need to be started or completed before others ensures work is done efficiently. Goals and milestones can be set to help keep you on track.


File Management


Quickly turn any paper document into a PDF that can be sent electronically. DocScan lets you scan multi-page documents that look professional. The app autodetects document edges, corrects perspective distortion, removes shadows, and brightens the scanned document. There is even a built-in PDF viewer that allows you to preview and reorganize or delete pages.


DropBox is a file hosting service that makes it simple to store, edit, and share files. Simply include a link to the document in an email instead of attaching bulky documents. Access and editing permissions can be controlled so only authorized users can access and make changes to documents. A version history of each document is helpful to see what changes have been made and will allow you to revert back to an earlier version if necessary. 




As a part of a field sales team, it is important to be able to easily keep in touch with your teammates, sales leadership, and customers. Slack is a messaging and collaboration tool that keeps you connected with everyone. Custom channels can be created for different topics to keep conversations organized and confined only to those included in the conversation.


Virtual meetings with sales teams or customers have never been easier. Zoom is a video communication platform that is versatile and easy to use. With screen sharing, group chat, whiteboard, and a built-in meeting scheduler, virtual meetings are as effective as in-person meetings, all while on the go.


There are many other apps out there that you might find useful and a lot of them have free versions with options to access additional features with a paid plan. Even if you’re not an app junkie, you should try out different apps to see which ones you prefer to help streamline your field sales processes, so you have more time to be productive and close more deals. 


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