That's how we roll

July 07, 2020

As an employee, it's pretty rare that you become emotionally attached to the company that employs you. Not to your work bestie, or your boss, or the payroll person (:P), but to the company itself. The brand. The people. The challenges. The solutions. The customers, yes, even those ones.

Perenso, the little engine that could. Started over 25 years ago in Sydney by a man who thought there must be a better way, and there was. Not so little anymore, Perenso still embodies the culture that it began with; doing what we say we will, getting shit done and never ever giving up - definitely not now.

It's been a tough few months. One day we were super pumped that things were going so well and according to plan in 2020, and the very next day, *thump*; our world changed. Our North American customers could no longer hold physical trade shows, the main application our software platform is used for in that region.

Thankfully we are driven by two of the greatest minds, and human beings in general, that I have ever worked with. Our CEO and CTO have guided us from potential disaster to looking like we're going to come out the other side of this thing not only in good shape, but in better shape than if this whole debacle hadn't happened. That's not good luck or chance; that's strategy, top shelf financial management, creative thinking, vision and hard work.

Thanks to our amazing in-house development team, driven by our CTO, we built on our current platform to develop a high quality virtual trade show platform in only 2 months. The first virtual show we held delivered more sales than the customer's physical show the previous year! If that's not evidence of walking the talk, I don’t know what is.

Every single team member at Perenso has jumped in with both feet, doing jobs they wouldn't normally do, thinking outside the box, winging it, and working together to make sure we can not only get ourselves over this rather large speed bump, but our customers too.

Cause that's how we roll at Perenso. We give a shit. And we do something about it. What's not to love?


Kate Bishop
Director of Strategy and Marketing