What is Sales Enablement?

December 01, 2021

An effective sales team is a leading factor in companies’ performance and growth. Sales teams are most effective when they are provided the proper tools, and that’s where sales enablement comes in.

Sales enablement is the process of providing your sales team with the right resources, technology, and processes they need to sell better. It improves the experience that sales reps provide to buyers and maximizes engagement. Sales enablement combines people and technology with one common goal – sales success. According to Julie Thomas, in her feature with Forbes, sales enablement “supports, enables and equips the sales team with the right information, knowledge, and skills to be successful.” It also guarantees access to training and support for your salespeople and their managers. With sales enablement, your sales reps have the tools to advise and educate their customers and give them the resources to communicate effectively and help with negotiation and deals. It also improves buyer interactions with sales content that is personalized, thus helping streamline and shorten sales cycles.


In order to effectively use sales enablement, you need to implement a strategy. The strategy should be tailored to your specific sales teams’ needs and should include an analysis of resources, content, tools, and information. There are a few key elements to focus on for a successful sales enablement strategy.

  • Sales and marketing should own sales enablement – What does this mean?
    • Your sales reps are held responsible for putting the sales enablement program into practice
    • Your marketing team is responsible for creating all the information and content

  • Focus on the buyer experience – Engaging your buyer is an integral part of the sales enablement process, so it only makes sense to emphasize the buyer experience
    • Your salespeople need to understand who the buyer is and the journey they’re on

  • High-Quality Content
    • Utilize various types of content such as deal sheets, product images, videos, sales aids, and promotional material to help your sales reps deliver value to their customers.

  • Find a solution that provides easy access to all the sales tools

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