Optimize Your Field Sales with Perenso’s Sales Enablement Tool

November 29, 2022

If you give someone a task to perform, they'll be far more likely to succeed if they have all the resources they need to get it done. The same is true for your sales team. If you provide them with the right tools and resources, they can build stronger relationships with their customers, convert leads, close more deals, and increase revenues for your business. 

That's exactly what sales enablement tools are for. In fact, using a sales enablement tool is one of the 5 best practices of high-performing field sales teams.

What is a Sales Enablement Tool?

A sales enablement tool is a software solution that gives your team the power to manage all of their sales materials and content in one place. Instead of jumping from one application to another, cross-referencing with a calendar, and sifting through paper files, your sales reps can find and update all the information they need to manage and close deals in a single software solution. Sales enablement tools have features for automating admin tasks, content management, lead management, and more. They streamline the sales process, so your team can do what they do best.

Here's how Perenso’s sales enablement tool can help your team:

Reduced Administration Burden

Nothing slows a sales team down quite like having to switch gears from building customer relationships to data entry and other tedious administrative tasks. Updating spreadsheets and scheduling calls in multiple calendars take time away from building relationships with customers. Sales enablement tools automate the various mundane tasks that get in the way, so the sales team gets back to doing what they do best. Here are some of the ways sales enablement tools can automate administrative tasks and streamline your sales team:

  • Bulk data import and export capabilities.
  • Enable reps to create multiple calls in their calendar at one time.
  • Seamless integration with existing business processes.
  • Automatically analyze and export pricing schemes.
  • Process and generate invoices when closing a sale.

Improved Sales Rep Efficiency and Performance

Even with the tedious administrative tasks out of the way, many sales reps still run into roadblocks when meeting with customers, providing product demos, and closing sales. With a robust sales enablement tool, sales teams can optimize their performance and make the time sales reps have with customers more productive. 

Instead of waiting to hear from a potential customer before knowing where they are on the buyer's journey, sales reps can find the status of a deal and other objective data to determine how far along a customer is and see if a sale is on track. The tool collects competitor and market data for analysis before a sale, allows the team to generate call lists, and gets sales reps to speak with the right customers at the right time.

Improved Business Intelligence

Your sales team runs on data. Making sure they have the most current information at their fingertips at all times is crucial to the success of any field sales team. If reports are littered with out-of-date or unnecessary data, they can slow down the sales process, complicate relations between a sales rep and a customer during a sales call, or cause a deal to fall through if it’s based on the wrong sales information. 

Perenso’s sales enablement tool provides comprehensive reporting tailored to your business. The sales team can use a customizable report builder to create reports and dashboards suited to your company. In addition to customizable reports, here are a few more features of Perenso's sales enablement tool:

  • Capture and report competitor information and notify relevant stakeholders.
  • Integrate data from 3rd party applications for high-level business analytics.
  • Run in-app reports to quickly access live, up-to-date data.

When you empower your field sales team with the right sales enablement tool, they'll be able to sell more effectively and efficiently without getting bogged down in mundane tasks.


If you’re wondering where to start with sales enablement tools, click here to learn more about what Perenso can do for you, or talk with an expert and see if our sales enablement tool is right for your business.