Why a Mobile-First Approach is Essential for Field Sales Teams

November 07, 2023

Field sales teams are constantly on the go, meeting customers, fostering relationships, and making sales. In today's fast-paced business environment, it's essential for field sales reps to be equipped with the right tools to help them work more efficiently and effectively. This is where field sales apps can help streamline your efforts.

A mobile-first approach, using field sales apps, can be essential to the success of professionals in the field sales industry. Here are five reasons your team should consider a cloud-based sales enablement tool:

  1. Improved Accessibility to Information and Tools
  2. Enhanced Customer Engagement
  3. Increased Sales Agility
  4. Better Time Management
  5. Improved Data Collection and Analytics

Improved Accessibility to Information and Tools

One of the main benefits of an on-the-go platform is improved accessibility to information and tools. Field sales reps need access to a variety of information and tools to be successful, including product catalogs, pricing information, customer data, and more. With a field sales app, reps can access sales-supporting documents from anywhere, at any time, making it easier for them to respond to client needs quickly and accurately.

Enhanced Customer Engagement

Strong relationships with their clients are what can set one sales rep apart from the other. Relationships help push sales and grow the business. A mobile-first approach can help to enhance customer engagement by providing reps with the tools and data they need to tailor their sales approach to each client, giving each client a personalized experience. Access to detailed customer profiles and history provides your team with on-demand information so every customer meeting goes smoothly.

Increased Sales Agility

A successful field sales rep knows how to be agile and responsive to the ever-changing needs of their clients. With a cloud-based sales enablement software, your team can access real-time data, track inventory levels, and adjust pricing on the fly. This agility can help reps to close deals more quickly and effectively, and ultimately drive business growth.

Better Time Management

Long hours and juggling responsibilities can quickly become the nature of any sales rep’s job. Using a field sales app can help them to better manage their time by providing tools, like a planner or route optimization, to streamline their workflow. Reps should be able to schedule appointments, set reminders, and manage tasks more effectively, allowing them to focus on high-priority activities — like closing deals.

Improved Data Collection and Analytics

Data is critical to making informed business decisions, and field sales teams are no exception. A mobile-first approach can help to improve data collection and analytics by providing reps with tools to capture and analyze data in real time. With a field sales app, reps can enter data in real-time, ensuring it is fresh and accurate. They can also use the app to track sales performance, identify trends, and generate reports, allowing them to make data-driven decisions more easily. Integration with your CRM also ensures sales reps are able to update data on the go, keeping data current.

Your team should be able to access and organize everything they need anywhere at any time. With the Perenso Sales Enablement Tool, your reps will even be able to work offline. All core functionalities are accessible offline because lost internet connectivity should never mean lost productivity.

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