Best Order Management Software for Small Business

June 28, 2022

               For small businesses to thrive, they must find a way to increase efficiency and optimize operations while keeping their costs down. The simplest way to accomplish this is by adopting an order management software  – streamlining the ordering process will reduce admin tasks and provide the information to easily fulfill orders. Perenso's software solution is designed to make managing and growing orders, easier for your team.

               Whether your selling event is virtual or in person, Perenso has a solution that will automate the trade show ordering process and track it properly. Gather all the details of every order, including products, quantities, warehouses, ship dates, and delivery locations. You have control over the information you provide to us and the information we provide back to you, so you can give customers the information they need to place orders with confidence and get exactly what you need to easily fulfill those orders.

               Managing inventory can be difficult for small businesses, so it’s important to find an order management platform that can help monitor inventory levels. Inventory is updated in real-time with Perenso’s ordering software, so your customers can see the exact amount of an item that you have left in stock. We also have the tools to help you host an event dedicated entirely to clearing out excess stock from your warehouse.

               To grow and evolve your business, you’ll need to review sales data to make adjustments according to customer trends. Perenso’s order management platform provides reporting and analytics that can be accessed during and after the conclusion of your selling event. Choose what information you want to have included in your reports and even enable filters so you can dial in on specifics within a report, so you can easily access the data that's important to you.

               Perenso offers many features within our order management software that have been designed to streamline the order process and increase sales while minimizing the admin work. Let us help your small business thrive. See how Perenso has helped other businesses optimize their ordering process, and sell better!