Field Sales Case Study: Redbarn

Redbarn, a family-owned business since 1996, is a manufacturer of pet food, chews and natural treats.

Field Sales Challenges:

One of the biggest complaints of the field sales reps at Redbarn, was how much of their time was being consumed by the manual data entry processes. They would spend their day in the field, visiting customers, only to go home and spend two more hours finishing paperwork. Redbarn had always been a bit behind the technology curve when it came to its field sales execution. From using an Excel spreadsheet and self-reporting to the data-lacking CRM, Eric Tiller, VP of Sales at Redbarn, knew there had to be a better way.

Perenso Solution:

Not only has Perenso's field sales platform saved Redbarn's sales reps hours in their day, but it has also provided them with more detailed and accurate reports, which have been used to increase productivity and effectiveness in the field.


Find out how Redbarn has maximized time for their sales reps with Perenso Field Sales:


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