Mobile Event App Case Study: Gordon Food Service

A Perenso Trade Show customer since 2018, Gordon Food Service was looking for a way to increase customer engagement and enhance the trade show experience even further.

Why Perenso's Mobile Event App?

"The ordering app had been so beneficial on the show floor, we wanted to let the customers have that same resource in the palm of their hand, " says Halle Billinghurst, Gordon Food Service's event producer. The mobile event app gives attendees visibility of everything available at the show and provides them with important show information. When asked about her favorite features, the event producer applauded the push notifications for helping her team communicate with attendees throughout the event. "The notifications are a big one", Billinghurst exclaims, "this allows us to actually tell the customer in real-time, what we want them to go to, what we want them to do." 

In addition to enhancing the customer experience and improving communication, the mobile event app has also become a favored resource for Gordon Food Service sales reps. Sales reps are using the targeting feature to highlight valuable booths, products, and other at-show happenings that they want their customers to visit, order, and see while they're at the show. All of these targeted items can be accessed by the customer via the mobile event app, so they can easily navigate the show floor and check out everything their sales rep recommended.

Overall, Perenso's mobile event app has received rave reviews from Gordon Food Service customers and sales reps, "We've gotten really good feedback that it's user-friendly, that it has the resources that make sure their day is special," says Billinghurst.

Watch to learn more about how Perenso's Mobile Event App has helped Gordon Food Service enhance the trade show experience.


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