Virtual Event Case Study: Scavuzzo's Inc.

Watch the full case study below to see how Perenso helped the foodservice distributor reach more customers, grow their business, and protect their investment.



As the only independent, local food service distributor in Kansas City, Scavuzzo's has raised the bar for technology in foodservice distribution. They host an annual trade show where vendors and retailers can connect.

Trade Show Challenge:

Due to the pandemic, Scavuzzo’s Foodservice was faced with finding a platform to host a virtual event. Angie Scavuzzo, the director of marketing, looked at it as an opportunity. “With that type of adversity comes the opportunity to become better. We needed it to be better.”

Perenso Solution:

The virtual trade show platform delivered everything the foodservice distributor was looking for including great visual appeal, intuitive software, reliable technology, and a supportive Perenso team. These things created an easy and enjoyable experience for all users. With the help of Perenso's trade show platform, Scavuzzo's was able to acquire new customers and strengthen its brand equity during an uncertain time.

Perenso provided Scavuzzo's Foodservice with the following services:

Virtual Trade Show