Virtual Event Case Study: L&L Supply

L&L Nursery Supply is a west coast full-line home & garden distribution company. Their traditional event is every October in Reno, Nevada with over 200 vendors, more than 700 retailers, and over 60, 000 items for their customers to buy.

Trade Show Challenge:

After making the switch to Perenso, L&L was planning their live event when the Covid pandemic struck. Despite the setback, they decided to use Perenso's virtual trade show platform and move forward with their annual event. With the switch to an online trade show, the home & garden distributor's biggest challenge was to ensure they were providing the best experience for their vendors and customers. 

Perenso Solution:

Perenso Cloud Show was able to give L&L Nursery Supply everything they wanted and more. "The show was incredible," said Bart Fornfeist, VP of Marketing. The distribution company was able to increase show sales by 40% over last year. The online event was considered a success among all users, especially vendors who considered it one of the top virtual trade shows in the country because of the ease of use of the platform.

Watch to see how the home & garden distributor increased trade show sales by 40% when they switched to Perenso's virtual event platform.


Perenso provided L&L Nursery Supply with the following services:

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