Virtual Event Case Study: Foster's Inc.

Serving thousands of retailers, turf professionals, landscapers, and specialty food stores in the American Midwest, Foster’s Inc. offers retail and professional lawn, garden, and landscape supplies and giftware. Foster’s has hosted heavy order-writing trade shows for over 25 years.

Trade Show Challenge:

It was critical for Foster’s to rapidly pivot to a virtual show when their physical show had to be canceled due to the impact of COVID-19. “This event is so important to our success every year. Without this solution this year, we’d have a really tough 2021”, said Jeff Engel, President of Foster’s Inc. Foster's needed a platform that gave a quick and easy ordering system and could handle complex ordering requirements. 

Perenso Solution:

With Perenso Cloud Show, a virtual trade show platform, Foster’s was able to extend its reach and protect its business.

REACH: 50% increase in attendance

GROW: 30% increase in sales

PROTECT: Overcame uncertainty for 2021


Perenso provides Foster's Inc. with the following services:

Trade Show Ordering | Virtual Trade Show | Event Registration

 Deals and Discounts | Leads & Content