How to Bring in Customers with Virtual Trade Shows

October 07, 2021

What’s all this big hype over virtual trade shows?

Virtual event platforms offer engaging and interactive solutions and present several benefits that come along with virtual trade shows – one of which is an extended reach. This broader audience can lead to increased attendance, bringing in more orders, higher sales, and more qualified leads.

Going virtual gives you more accessibility – There’s no minimum space requirement, so you can invite/fit as many attendees as you’d like, and your show can be accessed by anyone from anywhere. Some customers are unable to travel to shows due to the cost or because their schedules prohibit them. With virtual, they can enjoy the trade show from the comfort of their own home. You can gain a broader audience around your region, or even globally, which isn’t always possible with an in-person event. One of our customers who utilized our virtual platform saw their geographic reach increase by 42% with attendance up by 23% compared to the live event the year prior. In addition to their attendance increase, they saw their orders boost by 21%!virtual imae

Giving your customers virtual access also changes the reporting and tracking immensely. You can track your attendees’ every move – You can see where they went, what they did, and whom they chatted with. Knowing specific items customers were viewing, as well as the pieces of content they clicked on is helpful for future business opportunities. With this valuable information, you can tailor your future content based on what your audience found beneficial. During in-person events, it was almost impossible to track this kind of information – and when the information was there, it was much harder to grasp. With virtual, you have the customers’ digital footprint. It’s much easier to collect and redistribute information for all your exhibitors, thus allowing for smooth reporting and analytics. That is if you’re using the right virtual trade platform.

While face-to-face interactions are always going to have their significance, going virtual has its unique importance and will help you reach more customers, grow your revenue, and protect your investment.