Trade Show Case Study: UNFI

United Natural Foods, Incorporated is a distributor of natural and organic foods, specialty foods, and related products in the United States and Canada. 

Trade Show Challenge:

UNFI has been transitioning to a more selling-based show and needed technology to help assist them with this. UNFI has multiple different technology-based platforms to make sure that their customers and suppliers have everything. They have a diverse customer base, with different ways that they price. As Michael Bloem, Director of Pricing Strategy puts it, "it's not one size fits all". 

Perenso Solution:

Perenso understands UNFI, its pricing, and its customers. The trade show platform helped UNFI achieve everything they were looking for, including quick sales, negotiation capabilities, and accurate reporting after the show. The Perenso Trade Show platform put all the solutions in one hand. There's no more 'I'll get back to you" when a customer asks how much an item costs - With Perenso, everything is right there. 

See how Perenso has helped UNFI achieve its trade show goals.


Perenso provides UNFI with the following services:

Trade Show Ordering | Vendor Negotiations | Virtual Trade Show

Express Registration | Deals and Discounts | Leads & Content