Trade Show Case Study: Pet Food Experts

Pet Food Experts is an independently owned and operated pet food and supplies distributor headquartered in Rhode Island. Servicing over 3,500 customers with a diverse portfolio of over 140 brands, Pet Food Experts believes that strong relationships with vendors ensure success for their customers. 

Trade Show Challenge:

The company hosts a distributor trade show once a year in each of its territories, with over 100 vendors invited to attend each show. These events showcase new products, provide access to existing products, and enable customers to gain access to exclusive show deals. Previously, Pet Food Experts would manage product ordering at its trade shows through paper order forms which would be manually processed post-show. This would take up to three weeks and involve a lot of time and energy and strain company resources. It also meant that customers had to wait long periods of time for their orders. 

Perenso Solution:

After implementing Perenso Trade Show Platform, Pet Food Experts found that their challenges disappeared. The adaptability of the software and Perenso's willingness to cater to their unique requirements made all the difference in Pet Food Expert's experience - From setting up deals to getting reports back post-show, Pet Food Experts were satisfied with their results.


Perenso provides Pet Food Experts with the following services:

Trade Show Ordering | Virtual Trade Show

Event Registration | Deals and Discounts