Trade Show Case Study: City Line Distributors

Learn how City Line enhanced their trade show experience with Perenso.



Since 1930, City Line has been New England's largest, independent, full-service food distributor. They supply food to various establishments, including hospitals, restaurants, and other food service businesses.

Trade Show Challenge:

City Line faced a significant challenge during their trade shows when they relied on outdated pen and paper methods for managing orders and crafting name badges for attendees. This manual process proved time-consuming and led to extended wait times, leaving attendees feeling frustrated and impatient. The inefficiency of this system was evident, and City Line knew they needed a modern solution to streamline their operations and enhance the overall trade show experience for both their team and their customers.

Perenso Solution:

The implementation of Perenso Trade Show revolutionized City Line's trade show experience. With the event registration software, the registration process was seamless, and show entry lines were eliminated. The ordering app expedited the ordering process and enhanced overall organization, making it easier for both customers and exhibitors to place orders and take leads. Additionally, the use of the mobile event app, enhanced event navigation and increased attendee engagement.

Perenso provides City Line with the following services:

Trade Show Ordering | Event Registration | Leads and Content 

Mobile Event App