Maximizing Productivity with Cloud-Based Field Sales Software

May 30, 2023

Productivity is a tricky word. It can mean different things to different job titles. For sales, it typically means focusing on potential customers to close a deal. 

But many obstacles can get in the way of a sales rep's productivity. For a sales team to be productive, they need the right tools and sales software to help them overcome those obstacles. Here are five ways cloud-based field sales software can maximize productivity:

  1. Remote Access to Information and Tools
  2. Real-Time Collaboration
  3. Scalable Infrastructure
  4. Improved Data Security
  5. Decreased Overhead

Remote Access to Information and Tools

A clear benefit to cloud-based sales software is the ability to access your sales information and software tools from any location that has an internet connection. Since their information isn't stored on a single computer at a single desk, sales reps who spend a lot of time out in the field can access their data from the cloud with a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. This allows sales teams to be more productive by focusing their attention on building rapport with prospective customers instead of going back and forth to the same computer to access information or use the sales enablement tools they need.

Real-Time Collaboration

One of the oldest challenges in field sales is collaboration within the full team. When the sales reps are frequently out of the office making sales calls, they can’t access their sales tools or coordinate information with the rest of the team unless they have a cloud-based sales software solution to give them that capability. Cloud-based sales software allows for easy data sharing and editing, helping a team work together in real-time, even when some of the staff is working remotely or out in the field.

Scalable Infrastructure

One of the best things a business can experience is growth. But growth presents its own set of challenges. As the customer list gets bigger, staff size increases to meet demand. Sales tools and procedures that may have worked back when a company was small may not necessarily scale up as the company grows. One of the most important advantages of cloud-based sales software is its scalability. It can quickly adapt to fit a company's needs as it expands, especially when compared to locally stored sales tools which could take longer to scale up or down.

Improved Data Security

This one may come as a surprise to many people. It certainly seems counterintuitive - how could information stored in the cloud be more secure than if it were stored locally? 

But cloud-based service providers generally have more means of ensuring data security than they would with software installed at the local level. IT security guidelines, data encryption, role-based access control, and single sign-on are just a few of the methods cloud-based software providers use to protect your data. So despite how it may seem, your sales data is more secure with cloud-based software than it may initially seem.

Decreased Overhead

One of the downsides to relying on locally based sales software is the impact it has on a company's IT responsibilities. Computer and data-storage issues require much more of a commitment to IT, both financially and from a staffing perspective. This can add more to a company's overhead than if the company relied on a cloud-based sales software solution. Having an outside organization in charge of all IT hosting and software infrastructure allows a company to focus its sales team on what really matters: Sales.

As an added bonus, when a company needs an upgrade to functionality or bandwidth, a cloud-based service can meet those needs right away. With a locally based software solution, on the other hand, a company would have to undergo a time-consuming and costly upgrade to their servers, computers, and software.

Now that you know how cloud-based field sales software can maximize a sales team’s productivity, you might be wondering what features you should look for in field sales software. Read this helpful guide to learn more.

If you're ready to make the jump into a cloud-based sales software solution, talk to an expert at Perenso and find out how we can help boost your productivity.