Employee Spotlight: Amy Troxtell

May 08, 2023

Meet Amy - Perenso's problem solving, rockstar grandma who is always available to lend a helping hand!

Hometown:  Van Alstyne, Texas

What is your role at Perenso and what does it entail:  Admin Manager - Accounting, HR and everything administrative.  I get to spend a lot of time interacting with people.  Every day there is something new to research and learn. 

How long have you been at Perenso:  5 years

What is your favorite thing about working at Perenso:  What separates working at Perenso from “just a job” is the people.  We all care about what we are accomplishing, and we know how to have fun and laugh together. 

How did you end up at Perenso:  A little over 5 years ago an Australian company purchased a division of the company where I worked and I was fortunate to come along.

The most exciting thing you’re working on:  Hmm…. taxes, budgets, spreadsheets, a warehouse move, benefits open enrollment.  No way I can choose just one!

What is something you are really good at:  I am really good at problem solving and figuring out how to make things work.  I love to figure out how to repurpose things or use something out of the ordinary to fix something broken.

What is the strangest food combination that you enjoy?   French fries and gravy.   I have been told this is strange, but to me it is delicious.

Name a song that makes you happy.  Can’t Stop the Feeling – this song reminds me of my granddaughter and having fun.

Name an item on your bucket list.  Live on a boat for a few years

Describe yourself in three words.  Friendly, considerate, playful


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