What to Look for in a B2B Ordering Portal

May 18, 2022

With the ever-growing number of B2B vendors, choosing the right one for your brand can be difficult. Each eCommerce solution boasts they are the best choice while offering different features and functionality than the last. So, which one do you choose? Here are the features we think are most important to look for.

User-Friendly | Most importantly, your B2B ordering portal should be user-friendly. Your customers may be reluctant to change and introducing them to a new platform that is difficult to navigate and utilize, will only make that transition harder. Find a portal that is not only easy to use but also provides stellar online support, so your customers can efficiently place their orders.

Customizable | Your company is unique, so your B2B ordering platform should be customizable to fit the needs of your business. Some features are more important to you than others and those features should be important to the company you choose to work with - make sure they are willing to grow, as you do.

Mobile-Friendly | Let’s face it, being mobile-friendly is becoming more and more essential these days. The majority of smartphone users are already making B2C purchases on mobile devices, so make sure your B2B purchasers can do the same.

Order History | Providing customer order history allows your customers to see what products and quantities they've purchased in the past. Order history improves the customer experience by making it easy to reorder the items they need, and it also allows you to identify trends and personalize the shopping experience.

Integration | To ensure that you get the most out of your B2B ordering platform of choice, you’ll need to be able to integrate your existing ERP software. Utilizing an eCommerce platform should increase your business efficiency, but without a simple integration strategy, you may end up with more work than you had to begin with.

Choosing the right B2B ordering platform can be a difficult decision, but knowing what you are looking for ahead of time, can help save you time in your search. 


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