Benefits of a Mobile Event App for your Trade Show

May 31, 2022

Smartphones are continuing to grow in popularity and with that, mobile apps are becoming available for virtually everything, including trade shows. The addition of a mobile event app for your next event could enhance the customer experience substantially – Find out how:

Personalized Agenda

Provide attendees with the entire agenda for the show and allow them to decide where their time would be most valuably spent. With a printed agenda, attendees will have to review the list again and again and may get confused about where and when events are taking place – with the addition of a mobile event app, attendees can review the entire agenda and highlight certain items to create their own agenda for the show, and receive reminders when their sessions of interest are coming up.

Instant Content Updates

Last-minute changes are inevitable and having a mobile event app will allow you to post updates in real-time. This would eliminate any confusion that could be caused by changing details that have already been printed and provided on paper programs. Agenda items, floor maps, product pricing, and inventory levels can be updated at any time so your attendees can stay informed about the trade show.

Reduce Waste & Extend the Life Span of your Event

Many printed programs and product catalogs will end up in the trash or recycle bin stationed outside the venue doors. A mobile event app will produce less waste and provide important event information before arriving at the show and extending beyond the set show hours. In addition, the use of a mobile event app allows for design and agenda updates, without the expense of printing new materials for the trade shows.

One Brand – Multiple Events

Use one app that can be customized for each of your events to build trust and consistency for your attendees. Having a single app that is shared across all your company events will increase the probability of your attendees leaving the app installed on their phones, which can help build anticipation for upcoming trade shows.

Upgrade the customer experience at your next trade show, with the addition of a mobile event app. Find out if Perenso’s Event Explorer app is the right fit for your company.