Discover Your USP

June 16, 2022

               Your USP is your Unique Selling Proposition and although the name itself suggests this is about selling, it’s really about differentiation. What is it that makes your company or your products, different from the countless others that are similar to yours? Let’s look at some strategies that can be used to help you determine your USP.

               As someone close to the company, it may be difficult to do, but you should try to take a step back and look at your business objectively. Think about it from a customer’s perspective – First off, what do they see? What do they think? What stands out to them in a way that makes your brand favorable? If you are unable to view your company objectively, consider asking customers what their opinions are and use this valuable information to base your marketing around.

               While you are considering your customer’s outlook, pay attention to what stands out as the most important feature of your business. Whether it is your prices, location, the convenience you offer, or just the quality of your products, this is what you should use as your USP. Again, if you are struggling to determine what this is, you can reach out to your customers for their input. Determine what the majority of your customers like the best and make sure that is something that can be replicated with all your customers.

               Once you’ve determined what attracts your customers and what stands as the most important feature of your business, find a way to make yourself memorable. Use the customer insight you’ve gained and everything that makes your business unique to curate a positive and memorable customer experience that remains consistent for all customers. This will help to build a positive and reliable reputation for your company. When a customer has a positive, memorable experience with you, they will be more likely to continue coming back to you and sharing their feedback with others.

               With the growing number of small businesses and entrepreneurs, determining your USP has become increasingly important to the success of your business.  You have the power to choose what you want customers to know you for and set yourself apart from the competitors. 

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