Going Virtual - Our Not So Strange New World

April 14, 2020

For many in business, it feels like a strange new world that we are trying to navigate.
The current pandemic has certainly highlighted how often we humans come face to face to do business. It has also highlighted how unprepared many were to move to a virtual environment on short notice.
For a company like Perenso, who combines tech with face to face, it has come as less of a surprise, while still giving us a bit of 'hurry up' on the product roadmap side of things.
We'd been anticipating for a while the need to shift to, at least in part, an online environment to both supplement and future proof current business activity.
And now, the need for companies to be flexible in their sales channels and protect themselves from unforeseen risk is more apparent than ever.
There are adaptions companies are having to make as we do business in the current environment, and this is no doubt highlighting the need to be agile enough in the future to easily switch from face to face to online whenever necessary.
But really when you think about it, it's not so strange after all.
Companies have been doing business online in part for many years, and it's simply a matter of refining these processes and the products that support them to enable companies to sell better; anything, anytime, anywhere.