Choosing the Right Trade Show Registration Software

March 02, 2022

Although it may seem like just another task to be completed on the seemingly, never-ending checklist that comes along with planning an event, choosing the right event registration platform wields more significance than you might expect. Registration serves as the first impression of your event, and everyone knows just how important first impressions can be.

While it may be daunting trying to find the right event registration software for you and your company, it will be easy when you have a better idea of what you are looking for. We will break down some of the features that will help you streamline the registration process and achieve your business goals.

Market Your Event with a Custom Registration Website

When an attendee clicks a link to register for your trade show, you want them to be directed to a web page that is interesting to prospects and exciting to returning guests. It should be easy to use and engaging to your viewers, while also being informative of the event and representing your brand. To make your event even more accessible, ensure your website is mobile-friendly, so attendees can register on the go.

Simplify the Data Collection Process

A registration platform is a great way to gather useful information from your attendees. Names, email addresses, and even phone numbers can be used to communicate event updates and reminders. You might also need to capture details from your exhibitors and attendees about sponsorship packages, booth fees, seminars, hotel reservations, and more. All of this can be incorporated into the registration process to eliminate extra steps that can cause confusion. 

Engage and Excite Customers about the Event with Email Marketing

Often, event registration may begin weeks or months before the event takes place, so you might consider providing updates and reminders to maintain interest and engagement in the trade show. Communication via email is reliable, customizable, and the go-to for event professionals. Collecting attendee email addresses during the registration process makes this task easier to execute.

Streamline the Onsite Registration and Check-In Process

There are many options to choose from when it comes to efficient event check-in. You’ll want your attendees to be able to enter your event quickly, and with ease. Printing badges onsite will eliminate the lengthy process of shuffling through pre-printed badges and offers the flexibility to update or create new registrants on the spot. You might also consider providing self-service check-in options to help reduce wait times and long lines upon arrival.

Gain Business Insights with Reporting & Post-Show Analytics

Keep track of everything to gauge how effective your chosen event registration software really is. How many people used the mobile browser, as opposed to the desktop version? Were the useful links you provided in reminder emails, clicked on? Was self-check-in more favorable? This information will help you gain insights into what is most effective so you can make educated decisions for your event registration process in the future.


From registering online and keeping track of the data received, to arrival and entrance at the event, whether it’s an in-person trade show or a virtual event, you need event registration tools that can provide a seamless and engaging experience for all your guests. Request a demo to see how Perenso will improve the registration experience for your next event!