Did you know? - Benefits of Registration and Market My Event

June 09, 2021

Don't have the resources to build an event website or gather the right vendor and customer information? Perenso's registration and Market My Event features allow you to save time and money while organizing your next event.

Watch HERE to learn how you will benefit from utilizing these features.

Vendor registration - capture details from your vendors such as sponsorship packages, booth fees, iPad requests, and more using our standard or dynamic survey questions.

Customer registration - utilize the same options for survey questions to capture key information from your customers and manage customer ordering access for those that have multiple accounts.

Branded email notifications - take advantage of our notification tools to create branded emails and marketing email campaigns throughout the event stages to create engagement and excitement.

Additional options to include in the registration experience:

  • Registration packages - set prices and attendee limits
  • Product purchases - set prices, limit inventory, and provide coupon codes
  • Seminar registration - register to gauge interest and gather attendee information
  • APIs - Hotel reservations and payment integration with third-party providers

Market My Event - the platform allows us to manage and build event websites tailored to your specific branding and business needs. Registration can be utilized through our event websites or you can add the embedded I-frame to a website of your own.

Perenso's platform is a product that works for you. The registration process makes it simple and seamless to capture all of your event registration needs.

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