3 ways to grow your revenue with virtual

September 22, 2021

Virtual events have many benefits – the main one being that you can still hold your shows even in these precarious times. See how we can help you reach more customers, grow your revenue, and protect your business.

What is a virtual trade show?

People typically imagine a trade show in a large physical space, with lots of people bustling around, stopping by booths, and shaking hands. A virtual show is the same thing as an in-person show and has the same goal – a place for vendors and attendees to connect and buy/sell products – but it all occurs on a screen. With Perenso Cloud Show, a virtual trade show platform, customers can host a trade show with booths, networking, and all, in the comfort of their homes.


With the Perenso virtual trade show, you have access to

  • Extended reach, increased attendance, and more qualified leads
  • Better brand visibility and increased exposure
  • Valuable data tracking with a digital footprint of attendees
  • Real-time interactions
  • Protected investment
  • Reduced costs

Everything you need for a successful virtual event

  • Customizable Virtual lobby: Perenso creates a customizable 3D lobby for your show, where you can add a customizable category room to better differentiate your offerings
  • Showcase Items and Deals: You can create item showcases to promote new, branded, or deep discount products in the virtual exhibit hall to get more attention on those items and increase sales
  • Integrated Multi-Way chat: We believe that customer and vendor engagement is an integral part of a trade show – Don’t lose that experience when going virtual with Perenso’s powerful, integrated multi-way chat feature. Customers, vendors, and sales reps can all stay connected via text, phone, or video chat throughout the event
  • Webinars: Live and on-demand webinars allow you to share information with your customers throughout the virtual event and receive analytics with attendee tracking. With Perenso’s Zoom integration, it is even easier to host webinars and trainings.

How Perenso can help you

  • Advise and Educate:
    • Vendors can share content with customers to inform them of items and their brand.
    • Utilize webinars to share information with attendees throughout the virtual event.
    • The chat feature allows all participants to nurture existing relationships and create new ones.
  • Negotiate and Deal:
    • Sell more efficiently by selling the way you want.
    • Create deal parameters and customize allowance configurations.
  • Analysis and Insights:
    • Receive reports throughout the show stages, including post-show analysis to reduce administrative burden and identify future sales opportunities.

See how L&L Supply increased show sales by 40% when they switched to the Perenso Platform. Check out the video here.

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