Employee Spotlight: Nam Le

March 28, 2024

Meet Nam - A devoted family man who excels at testing software and possesses the ability to tell time without a clock!

Hometown: Sydney, Australia

4 (1)What is your role at Perenso and what does it entail: I’m part of the testing team that consists of just me and James. My daily duties are testing and supporting both Field Sales, Trade Show and services; making sure they work as intended. However, my kids think all I do is push buttons on my keyboard.

How long have you been at Perenso: This coming October will be 5 years.

What is your favorite thing about working at Perenso: I know it sounds like I’m copying everyone else’s answer for the same question, but it truly is the people. It’s not often you can turn up to work and actually enjoy working with everyone!

How did you end up at Perenso: I wasn’t happy at my previous job and wanted to grow. So, I had a whine to my wife, she told me to “suck it up or do something about it” so I spoke to Kiss and as they say, the rest is history!

The most exciting thing you’re working on: I can’t pinpoint one exciting thing, however, I’m always excited toVietnam 2023 (1) test the new features that get implemented with Field Sales and Trade Show.

What is something you are really good at: Alright, hear me out, my superpower is being able to “feel” what time it currently is. That’s right, I’m Time Man! Basically, I know what time it is without needing to look at a clock or phone. I would say my accuracy is at 90%! I know this superpower is as useful as a lifeguard at the Olympics for swimming.

What is one fact that few people know about you? My dad’s name is actually Viet. Yes, you read that right! So, together, we’re Viet Nam, you can’t get any more patriotic than that! Short story was, that my grandpa told my dad to name his firstborn son, Nam, so that everywhere you go, you will always remember where you came from. Little did gramps know, I ended up being born in Thailand and never stepped foot in Vietnam till I was 17….and now I’m an Aussie. There you have it; that’s Time Man’s origin story.

What is the strangest food combination that you enjoy? These small Vietnamese pickled leek and dried shrimp. 

my 3 jokes (1)If you could choose anyone in the world to be on a deserted island with, who would you choose and why?  That would be my wife, Tham. You know how some people find their calling or sole purpose in life? Mine is to annoy her everywhere she goes, and hers is to take care of me.

Tell me your best joke! – I can give you 3, Alex, Evelyn, and Ellie.


Discover the field sales features that Nam spends his days testing to ensure they work as intended - in the field!