No Office? No Problem.

August 31, 2021

When the pandemic struck in 2020, a lot of changes started happening – While some parts of life have gone back to “normal”, there are a few changes that were more permanent. One of those being the “work-from-home” policy that many companies have adopted. Although it wasn’t the easiest of transitions, working remotely has come with plenty of benefits.

For starters, before your office was next to your bedroom, you probably had a hefty commute to the office – The average person was spending an hour each day getting to and from work. If you do the math, that’s over 200 hours per year. The new normal is getting out of bed, walking over to your desk, opening your computer, and getting your day started. Getting rid of the onerous commute adds days back onto your life, giving you more time with friends, family, and the things that matter most.

It’s also giving people a new sense of freedom – It doesn’t matter how or when you get your work done, just as long as it gets done. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Denver, the mountains, or even in Central America – get your work done and you’re good to go, from anywhere. This kind of liberty was pretty much unfathomable before the pandemic hit. Here at Perenso, we’ve had team members work all over the US including Hawaii, all the while still managing to put on successful virtual events for our clients.

Having this newfound autonomy also helps with the little things. You no longer have to schedule your contractor or washing machine technician around your lunch break and rush home to get there in time. Now you’re sitting at your home office waiting for the doorbell to ring to let them inside. And remember that feeling of being in the office knowing you have a sink full of dirty dishes and loads of laundry to get started after work? Well, now you can handle your chores while simultaneously working – the simple pleasures of WFH!

But one of the best things to see during people’s WFH adventure has been the increase of puppy photos on peoples’ social media accounts – Since 2019, total pet sales increased by 6.7% - going from $97.1 billion to $103.6 billion. Working from home was the final push to convince people they need a dog. They have the time to train and be there for the puppy throughout the day, instead of being in an office worrying about what kind of trouble their dog is getting into back at home.

Although there are many benefits that have come out of working from home, making that adjustment isn’t always easy. Keep an eye out for next week’s blog for tips on how to adapt and overcome the potential burnout that comes with working from home.

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