Hybrid Event Solutions

August 24, 2021

We’re here to help you maximize your reach and protect your investment.We understand that the current environment has created uncertainty for businesses like yours that utilize trade shows for sales and marketing activities. Over the last year or so, virtual events became the new norm in the trade show world when the pandemic struck and shut down in-person events. As important as virtual events were and still are, nothing compares to live events, and in some situations, they are the most effective way to engage your audience, bring home leads, and increase your sales. But with pre-pandemic life making a comeback, people are ready to make their full switch back to in-person shows.

But why get rid of virtual when you can combine both virtual and in-person to get the best of both worlds? This is where hybrid events come into play. While many people believe that making their show into hybrid requires more work – it’s actually the exact opposite! A hybrid trade show means hosting a virtual and physical event in a complimentary way to sell better. You use the same show data, showcase the same vendors, and invite the same attendees but the hybrid format allows customers to choose how they attend and how they buy.

Hybrid brings the best aspects of an in-person show and virtual show to create something that is perfect for all attendees. The in-person event already has attendees coming in, but there is a potential audience all over the world and with a virtual option, their location no longer hinders their ability to experience the show. Having this extended reach helps get more eyes on the show, thus increasing exposure, engagement, and revenue.

Let’s also not forget about the times we’re faced with now – There could be unforeseen impacts to your physical show, and a hybrid option is the best way you can protect your investment. To ensure you maintain your channel market, it’s good to be virtual ready.

With these unprecedented times, we want to make sure you feel protected in your business and in your investment – Perenso is here to make your switch to hybrid seamless and financially rewarding.

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