Hybrid trade shows - what are they?

Posted by Perenso on Mar 11, 2021 4:45:53 PM

If, like us, physical trade shows play a big role in your business, the last year certainly threw us a curve ball. Face to face events were no longer on the table. The future became now, with virtual events the immediate solution.  

We've all started to become more comfortable with doing business virtually, and finding success in the new way of doing things. And now we look to the future and ask ourselves, when will physical events return? What if I plan a physical event and then it can't go ahead? How do I lower my risk? What should I do with the virtual shows that have been working well?   

This is where the possibility of a hybrid show enters the equation. You have no doubt heard talk of hybrid trade shows and perhaps you are wondering, what is a hybrid event? 

A hybrid trade show means hosting a virtual and physical event in a complimentary way to sell better. You use the same show data, showcase the same vendors and invite the same attendees but the hybrid format allows customers to choose how they attend and how they buy. 

 The benefits of a hybrid show are that it can help you reach more customers, grow sales and protect your business from uncertainty in business conditions.  

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