Perenso Trade Show: Features and Benefits

January 19, 2023

Trade show organizers have a complex job. Between managing event planning, customer and vendor data, setup, promotion, and booking, organizers wear many hats. Such a wide and varied task list would get messy if it were just handled with spreadsheets and emails. That's where trade show software comes in. Choosing the right trade show software can be overwhelming but, in this article, we'll discuss the benefits of choosing Perenso Trade Show as your event software solution.

Why Perenso Trade Show?

Perenso's all-in-one event software solution will help you streamline the trade show planning process and increase event success. Here are the key features your trade show will benefit from, with Perenso Trade Show:

Event Registration

With the right trade show software, you can improve communication with exhibitors and attendees. Perenso Trade Show offers event registration features that help you pre-show and at-show with a customized event website, email marketing, and self-service express check-in. 

Trade Show Ordering & Vendor Negotiations

One of the essential parts of any trade show is making purchase orders on the showroom floor. Attendees need to have access to product information in order to make a decision on buying and exhibitors need the ability to display all the necessary product information to gain orders from attendees. Product ordering comes standard with Perenso Trade Show software, appealing to attendees and exhibitors alike.

Perenso Trade Show also offers vendor negotiations. This captures product allowance exchanges between vendors and buyers and includes capturing product sample requests for show day.  In addition to pre-show negotiations, vendors have the capability to grant additional allowances to customers at the show.  

Content & Leads

Vendors at your trade shows need to be able to provide new and returning customers and attendees with information about their products. Perenso Trade Show provides content management features so vendors can access and share their sell sheets, product images, and virtual demos via email directly with the customer. In addition, vendors can  collect contact information and create custom notes for leads so they can follow up with the customer after the show.. 

Mobile Event App

We are living in a mobile-first world where vendors and attendees are increasingly turning to their smartphones to share contact information instead of using a traditional business card. As a trade show organizer, you'll want a way to leverage smartphones to enhance the trade show experience and keep people engaged on the show floor. With Perenso’s mobile app, Event Explorer, there are benefits for everyone at the trade show. Vendors can showcase products, attendees can view booths, see the floor map, and check the trade show agenda, and organizers can upload useful tools for attendees, view attendee details, and more - all through the convenience of your mobile device.

Virtual/Hybrid Shows

Trade shows haven't been the same since the pandemic - virtual trade shows became the only option for a while and now that the pandemic is over, in-person events have changed: They've embraced the technology of virtual events and brought us a hybrid model. Hybrid trade shows give you the benefit of in-person events while also giving you the convenience and global reach of virtual events. But they require more technological features than an exclusively in-person trade show.

Perenso Cloud Show provides all the features of a traditional trade show while also giving virtual attendees the experience of walking the showroom floor. Here are a few things you can expect from Perenso Cloud Show:

  • Customizable video or 3D lobby
  • Live and on-demand webinar streaming capability
  • Integrated multi-way chat and private messaging

Reporting & Analytics

As a trade show organizer, you know that data collection and reporting are as important as the show itself. Gathering attendee and vendor information, as well as analyzing the ordering data, is vital to your success. Perenso Trade Show can refine data collection and reporting. You can email and print reports, view live attendance and ordering reports, and view post-show analytics so you can improve your future business decisions.

As a trade show organizer, your business's event strategy is in your hands. With the right trade show software, you'll have the tools you need to turn your next trade show into a success.

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