How Do I Get People To Visit My Virtual Exhibitor Booth?

Posted by Perenso on Oct 27, 2021 8:59:49 AM

With virtual trade shows in high demand because of their increasing popularity, it’s important to figure out how to actually get people to visit your virtual trade show booth. The first thing to understand is why virtual trade shows are so crucial in the trade show world – and that is because of the numerous benefits that come along with hosting a virtual event. Some of these benefits include, but are not limited to, an extended reach, better brand visibility (using sponsorships, etc.), reduced costs, and protecting your investment. Sounds pretty great, right? Well, it’s time to take advantage of these benefits and learn how to get more customers to visit your virtual booth.

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  • Purchasing an upgraded sponsor package to promote your brand throughout the event
    • There can be an overwhelming amount of virtual exhibitor booths throughout the event, and you want yours to stand out. It’s important to get eyes on your booth and a great way to do this is with a sponsorship package.
    • Perenso offers sponsorships to help increase visibility and promote your brand throughout the event’s lobbies or showcase pages
  • Aside from sponsorship, your booth should represent your brand
    • Make sure your logo is clear
    • Include content that educates customers of your items and dealsUntitled design (5)
  • Contact Information
    • Include information about your company and booth space. Add any contact info you would like to share with customers visiting your booth.
  • Send out emails before your event to inform your customers that you will be showing at the online trade show
    • You need to get your name out there and what better way than sending out email blasts. The emails should include who you are and what your booth has to offer.
    • Sending out an email will encourage attendees to make your event.
  • Utilize your social media platform to spread brand awareness and give customers insight into your offerings 
    • What use is social media if you don’t use it to benefit your business? Use your platform to bring people to your event.
    • Whether it is LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter – social media is an easy and efficient way to get eyes on your company.
    • Post a month before the event and every week leading up to it. Remind people who you are and what your virtual booth will have to offer. When people continuously see you pop up in their feed, they’re bound to go check out what this whole event is.
  • Partner with a company that offers you the best. Not only a great-looking lobby that is customizable, but one that enables you to reach more customers, grow your revenue, and protect your business.


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